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You can find here long written neverending Asmo-story only - if You´re looking for some Asmo-pictures (taken from the group´s chronicle) please follow this link :-)

 b_point 1987

The birth of the band and its roots is rising outta october 1987, when two origin masterminds made the first serious attempt at creating MASSACR, forerunner and predecessor of ASMODEUS. They were Miloš Bešta and Tomáš Kocian, both students at SZeŠ Klatovy back then, therefore the legend of primary beginning of Asmodeus during some potatoes job. Who else stood by the cradle of the band? Karel Kuneš and Ludvík Fremut – both Miloš´s schoolmates at that Klatovy „agriculta“ school. So it was the very first line-up of Massacr, after a while renamed to RESSCATOR, there were the outer limits for some tracing the origins of slowly rising metal formation in the deepest past. The band however considers the year 1988 as the date of origin...

 b_point 1988

But the drummer is still missing – til march of 1988. Meanwhile, it´s time for the first change of guitarists, as permament line-up is steady by may: guitarist and vocalist Miloš Bešta, bassguitarist Tomáš Kocian, drummer Miroslav Prášil and guitarist Karel Kuneš. The band focused not only on cover-songs, also new own material is performed live. The very first gig is on august 13, 1988 at hometown Klatovy, and program called Servants Of Satan is finishing its contures. At that time is also Petr „Kremator“ Korál involved in the band, as vocalist and lyricist. The second mentioned role he then fills til the album „Příjezd krále...“ (Arrival Of The King). The band is now once again renamed, this time it´s ATTACK, and under that monicker boys play live on Political Songs festival in Nyrsko. They are honoured by lyrics award for the song Destrukce (Destruction) but anyway they are banned for Servants Of Satan playin´ live. The first problem for the band of then strong totalitary communist country. The second guitarist, Richard Aška, came to the squad as needed support in band´s consolidation, after Karel´s departure. The gig in Dlouhý Újezd by Tachov is sheer triumph, the fans response is huge and unexpected, but the more is band succesful, the more is trapped by the then normalizators of communist regime. And it is time for another, but the final at last, change of the band´s name – ASMODEUS. Inspiration came out from one song of the Brno´s cult band Root. The final gig under the Atack monicker is only for fan club members on december 30, 1988.

 b_point 1989

It´s 1989 and new program-material Invasion Of Conscience is in the go. The band is playing live more often than ever, this time with better known groups as Root, Brian, Kryptor, Ferat etc. Asmodeus takes part at second rock bands matinee at Dlouhý Újezd by Tachov and then is succesfully given official license in 2nd class-grade. Drummer Prášil leaves the band and Daniel Vilášek takes the post. Daniel was member of Prague band D.F. and after Asmodeus he was involved in christian ansamble Ram Adonai. The things are now on upward spiral for Asmodeus, inspite of departure of vocalist Petr.

 b_point 1990

After one month rehearsal Asmodeus released the first „live“ demo Invasion Of Conscience in january 1990, recorded in Prague´s SRS studio. Demo concentrated on works from 1988-1989. The renewed Fan Club is also born, with the base at Radovesnice II by Kolín. With the lineup of Bešta-Kocián-Aška-Vilášek the band burst into tour over the country (one of its peak was on Death Metal Show festival) and begin to prepare new work Town Of Fallen Statues. This program is shown also on massive (and ill-famed) fest Metal Massacre in Litvínov with the bands such as Debustrol, Master´s Hammer, Sax and many others. The main frontman, showman and guitarist Ríša Aška is then leaving the band and it´s time for a bit hesistance in the Asmodeus camp. Live gigs are cancelled, the band don´t want to play as trio. Only for not to express creative and gigs break, the band start to record 2nd demo in rehearsal room of the group Brian. Demo is called Heroes and two guests are involved – sologuitarists Tonda Rauer (Brian, now in Alkehol) and Pavel „Kuře“ Hejč (ex-Vitacit), he also as a sound ingeneer. But only 5 songs are recorded, and so to the end of 1990. 

 b_point 1991

Another year, another problem. To continue play as trio, or not, some personal animosities are on the verge. The gigs ar poorer for the lack of second guitar, Tomáš is busy in school-leaving examinations, the band is not seen as often as needed and possible. The rest of Town Of Fallen Statues material is recorded as second demo with Dan on bass, with Tonda and Pavel guest guitars once again, and Ondřej Konrád´s guest harmonica for the of Once Upon The West intro. And last but not least with style cover by Petr Tihelka aka Thorax. It´s sure the demo is the most important and Asmodeus is now well and fairly-known on the underground scene. The band is welcomed in the legendary radio broadcasting Gung-ho, is on the 16th position of Černá vrána 1991 heavy rock and metal poll (Black Crow) and very good reviews are received in many fanzines. It is now clear the new trax such as Kolaps (Collapse) or Muka existence ( Agony Of Existence) are the right ones for the band´s claimed art direction. The single release with both songs is anyway cancelled. After the once again consolidation of the band is new material born and live gigs are also added to the creative schedule. The third anniversary on june 1991 is hailed by the activities of lyricist Petr Korál, who contacted labels, and after a while Monitor says – yes. Contract for the debut CD/MC is signed. Meantime, Asmodeus for the first time ever plays live in the cult Barča in Prague with Arakain and Brian at the benefit gig fo Yugoslavia. It was another live triumph – the bizarre show with Santa Claus, the bags of up-lifted preservatives and the real scuba-diver in full „armour“ stage-divin´ and another jokes, two christmas songs included. The nicely ending of 1991.

 b_point 1992

At the start of 1992 is Asmodeus strengthened by guitarist Otakar Husák from Ferat. The new material is finished in time at the studio recording itself is waiting. In may the band is in the Propast studio in the helm of producer and lyricist Petr Korál – and debut album comes to life at last. It´s called „Prosincová noc blíže neurčeného roku“ (December Night Of The Indefinite Year). Only two gigs are in the schedule, prior to Husák´s departure from the band. As trio the band play on the Rock Marathon festival in Starý Kolín in front of the eyes of massive 17.000 crowd – and the boys let it suprisingly quits! In september they gathered for the videclip Rolničky (Jingle Bells), in october is sampler Ultrametal II with 2 Asmodeus songs on it out and on december 15, 1992 is officially released debut album.

 b_point 1993

Bassist David Svoboda and skinsman Jacek Lukáš (ex-Doomsters) are now new members of Miloš Bešta sole band. They recorded live another video Vánoce (Christmas), after that Jacek left the band. New „kids on the Asmo block“ are Pavel Kotěšovec (ds) and Jindřich Gregora as 2nd guitarist. New concert program is prepared and the band signs the recording contract with Metal Breath Production for release of CD maxisingle „Den zúčtování“ (Judgement Day), recorded in october 1993 in Happy Studio. On november 11, the band – now 5 years old - performed live at RC Villa at hometown Klatovy in the nice assistance from the bands Suggestor, Saxana and Lord. Asmodeus invites some of his old friends and members on the stage – vocalist Petr Korál, Václav Štich on clarinet, guitarists Ota Husák and Ríša Aška, drummer Míra Prášil or bassist Tomáš Kocián.

 b_point 1994

In april 1994 the maxiCD Den zúčtování is released, after that Asmodeus play live frequently and start to prepare 2nd album. Promotional demo is then recorded at the end of the year in Pilsen´s AVIK studio. 

 b_point 1995

The importance of 1995 year beginning is imminent for the band, which performes live as a support for Canadian thrash titans Annihilator and Czech metal mates Terminator at Eden hall in Prague. All the rest of the year is on behalf of preparing 2nd album „Příjezd krále...“ (Arrival Of The King). In march Asmodeus takes part in Masters Of Czech Metal II sampler and Arrival Of The King is recorded during sept-oct in Happy studio and is finally released in november 20, 1995 by Happy Music Production.

 b_point 1996

Promo-tour for new album is main activity for first half of 1996 with the peak as support role for British folk-metal pioneers Skyclad in may 9, 1996 in Pilsen. Then drummer Kotěšovec leaves the band as he´s up to his own projects and another Klatovy´s band Promises, follows by also Gregora´s departure for the health problems. Asmodeus is put on ice for more than half year.

 b_point 1997

At the half of 1997 Asmodeus relives its activities once more in a strong form. Miloš Bešta and bassist David Svoboda is completed for quartett by drummer Vladimír Hořký and guitarist Jan Roháč and reformed band is introduced to its fans on Heavy Metal fest in Mochtín by Klatovy. This comeback gig is followed by another string of performances and release of new demo „Avebury: Saturday, 5:59 p.m.“. On musical scale its similar to Arrival Of The King but in lyrics-sake is more mystic in the way of X-Files. New lyricist is involved in a band – after long years cooperator Petr Korál, it´s now Jan Petričko, Rock Report magazine publicist, who is from then on new writer for Asmodeus.

 b_point 1998

The 1998 starts with a pair of gigs and preparing of new album with title „Vchod do kruhu“ (Entry To The Circle), monumental master-works with extra-terrestrial mystics in the lyrics conception. It´s recorded in AVIK from june to july, and it´s released in september 1998, followed by the 10th anniversary concert. The fall of 1998 is reserved for the tour, which runs till april 1999.

 b_point 1999

That hard touring is pleased by recording of coverversion „Mezi kopci cesta klikatá“ (Twisting And Turning Is The Road Among The Hills) for the tribute to Master´s Hammer, one of the Czech true bizarre-metal legends, which is then released by Redblack label. It´s also one of the last activities of this very line-up. In september 24, 1999 Asmodeus-party take part in Košile club at hometown and after that is line-up once again broken. David Svoboda, as a just-married man, relocates to Prague, Honza Roháč starts his own project Maybe. Miloš Bešta is (now with drummer Hořký) once again the sole survivor and in the fall of 1999 takes Asmodeus on next level of activities. New songs are born, new bassist is welcomed to the squad (Milan Pózel, simultanously in Akupunkt in that time) and also new sologuitarist, Tomáš Bešta (no family relations to Miloš), who, as fresh, young, 18 years old instrumentalist, rapidly lowers the age-average of the band. Asmodeus is up to its promise by the derniere of Entry To The Circle tour – to release new album in the last quarter of 2000.

 b_point 2000

In the time of preparing the band don´t play live gigs. The main composer with lyricist Jan Petričko works side by side on the new songs for the album Na jehlách (On The Needles). It is not conceptual or monotematical one this time around, it´s more songs-orientated. It is recorded during july 2000 once again in AVIK studio and it´s introduced live at the Klatovy´s club U košile on december 16, 2000. Besides unexpected harm of drummer Vláďa Hořký, the band also start to arrange concert-shape form of the album.

 b_point 2001

From the album On The Needles release, Asmodeus is concentraded and strongly focused on live presentation of this very CD to rearrange close contact with their fans again. There are 17 gigs on the schedule with its peak in live performance at Prague´s RC Inferno on november 16, 2001, which means the end of another creative era of the band. By the reviews it surely wasn´t the best Asmodeus album ever, but anyway it received good responses every time. For instance Petr Korál wrote in his review for the Rock & Pop magazine: „Asmodeus surely as hell recorded better albums. But once again he fortunately did not undergo his consciousness of quality and fulfill the expectations."

 b_point 2002

The line-up is now steady and stabile more than ever. New album si planned for the end of 2003 to nicely collide with the band´s 15th anniversary. Once again it´s time to hard and intense work on new songs, which are now under more strictly view of choice. Frontman Miloš Bešta comments: „We want new one to express and fulfill both our and fans expectations and ideas. Our friend Honza Petričko is writing the lyrics again, this cooperation works very well for both sides. Conceptual form is now in the line and ways of cloning phenomena. The cover is on behalf by Lukáš Dio from Klatovy´s friendly band Head Down. In the half of 2003 we relocate to the studio to start recording. The choice of the right stduio is now in the go. But I can say, fans can expect the real stuff, the real meat..."

 b_point 2003

First falf of 2003 and a few concerts and honest preparing of the new CD, thinking about the form and shapes, lyrics, cover and publisher. There was dilemma – to ask once again AVIK or some small label, or to try pay all from own pocket. Asmodeus put his powers and activities in the second mentioned way – for some reasons. Miloš is commenting again: „By the bands such as Asmodeus is obvious that the most part of money are given to label mainly by sponzors. But if there are no sponzors, it comes out from own source anyway. It´s always hard to finance and pay the album making itself, but not so huge financial carry-the-load to give aggrement to label so as they then can dictate shopping and distributin´ CD for the payment just about 300 CZK, it´s inadequate, of course. This sum of money you pay in the music or another shop is similar for the most of Czech bands CDs. But it´s not the way for Asmodeus, who never reach the retail trade market, for this is mainly underground band. So we are running in the way, which is maybe not understandable or usual for someones, but it´s only way for us and for our fans. To lowered the price as much as possible.
Our claim for the year 2003 is to pleased our fans, us, and make contacts on the live events.“ New album is called Sabat v Carnegie Hall (Sabbath At Carnegie Hall) and is supported by 7 gigs til the end of the year, with the peaks of official live introducing new CD at Klatovy´s KD Družba and performance on Odin Fest at Aš. The band was welcomed also in TV programs, as Good morning with ZAK television on Prima TV and Madhouse on O cabel musical TV, so in the radio broadcasting, on Prague´s Radio 1 etc.

 b_point 2004

The year of 2004 by Miloš Bešta´s own words: „It´s so easy to sum up this succesful year, which ran in such positive ways for us. It´s all came up with and outta Sabbath At Carnegie Hall album, what was well-responded by both the critics and fans. This is the real Asmodeus for now and future. We´ll see. The lovely peak was surely the making and releasing the video for Tourists Of Death (Exitus Dignitas) under direction helm of Jan Březina and starring Saša Rašilov, one of the premiere young Czech film and theatre actors – it was pleasure to work with so proffesional and yet nicely people. Clip was presented via many TV programmes. There were also a few succesful gigs, including our preformances on festivals such as Basinfirefest at Spálené Poříčí or Fantasymetalfest in Pardubice, not to forget some Prague gigs. We´re far more experienced from On The Needles era, but also we were lucky to manage or arrange some subtile details to off-run our machine at last in the full swing. And a bit else. Besides Asmodeus officially discography we also release new album under the side-project monicker, the songs was at first prepared for the album of our friend Petr Hejátko. New full Asmodeus album we´re gonna prepare all the next year so to be ready to record it for march 2006. If you ask me, why all this planning, the answer is easy: october 2008 will be the date of our 20th anniversary and another album. And I guess that the time-interval of 2 and half year between the albums is optimal. Take care and let Asmodues music brings you the joy and pleasure."

 b_point 2005

The „Sabbath“ age is definitely closed by 26-th stage at 10-21, 2005. This age is very agreable and successful. The fans can watch on the Czech TV channels „Óčko“ and „ČT“ the video „Tourists Of Death (Exitus Dignitas)“ (thanks to musical publicist and moderator Michal Husák). We can´t forget of course the first sideward group´s project called A+. Asmodeus supports his friend P.H. which tried release his own album. P.H.´s effort is stopped on the halfway: He vocalizes but never releases that album. So Asmodeus chooses ten studio tracks and vocalizes these their own way using new Jan Petričko´s lyrics. As the result we can hear juicy collection of melody-rock ones...


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